I am a Berlin-based design professional with 20 years of international experience, ranging from tech startups to Fortune 500 companies and large ad agencies.
The reason people engage with your business is equally important as how they do it. 
Understanding customers' needs and desires requires a holistic design approach, encompassing both their emotions and their rationale.
My approach marries emotional branding with data-driven experiential design.
It delivers ROI, empowers design teams, and earns industry recognition, but what truly matters is that it is embraced by millions of users globally.
My Values
Trust is the most valuable currency in our world, without it any relationship is doomed to fail.
Humor is an impeccable messenger. It keeps your communication sincere, live, and friendly.
Patience is a rare virtue that invigorates listening, understanding, and thoughtful consideration altogether.
My Services
•    Brand Design
•    Creative & Art direction
•    Naming & Copywriting
•    Illustration
•    Content Creation
•    UX & UI design
•    Product Design
•    Design Systems
•    Design Operations
•    Brand Strategy
•    Communication Strategy
•    Strategic Assessments & Audits

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