Company: UMC (Ukrainian Mobile Communications)
Project: Jeans Mobile visual identity
Expertise: Creative Direction, Brand Development, Branding Strategy
Jeans was the first mobile provider in Ukraine focused on young people. It was a subsidiary of UMC (a leading national mobile provider) and quickly surpassed seven million subscribers.
Strong competitors appeared on the mobile market. Their aggressive campaigns and fresh look shook the leading position of Jeans. The brand, once perceived as progressive and youthful, became dated. The task was to revive it and make Jeans appealing again.
Consumer research revealed that a cosmopolitan outlook, fashion, and action sports were relevant to our target audience.

Before | After

To reflect the cosmopolitan inclination, we designed the primary logo in Latin script (Instead of Cyrillic) intentionally choosing a retro Western typeface.
Along with the primary logo we created the secondary logo to mimic the look and feel of fashion brands. Its tribal tattoo shape with the fashion-style abbreviation (JNS) proved to be appealing for the core audience.
Depending on the context, the secondary logo had two visual appearances. In image campaigns, it was shiny and prominent, and in marketing collateral (e.g., SIM card packaging design), it was used in the background.
The secondary logo’s tribal tattoo shape with the fashion-style abbreviation (JNS) proved to be appealing for the Jeans core audience. That quality has been exploited in marketing materials and TV commercials.
Snapshots of the launching of the Jeans TV commercial
In order to ensure a precise execution of the visual identity, we created a comprehensive style guide and ran a set of workshops for the Jeans marketing team.
Credits: Kensu Interactive, Kaffeine Communications
"It has been a pleasure working with Jovan on the JEANS (UMC) rebranding. The concepts and deliverables he and his team prepared were thoroughly conceived of and timely executed."
— Eugenia Shcherbets, Brand Manager Jeans (UMC now Vodafone)
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