Identity design requires a careful selection of symbols and an appropriate graphic treatment.
The initial goal is to find relevant metaphors that match the brand attributes or the brand story.
To better filter and test metaphors graphically, I use something I call a “visual equation.” It’s a simple method that helps you anticipate the final outcome.
Visual equation is a selection of two (sometimes three) different metaphors that correspond to the desired (identity) attributes. Their graphic simplification and amalgamation should lead to the final symbol.
I designed my personal logo using this method: 
Final symbol
Here are some identity examples I designed using the visual equation method:
Vox Pop Labs
Social enterprise working to enhance democratic participation.

Ballot box (voting) + hexagon (lab) = Vox Pop Labs symbol

American Hospital Kyiv
A hospital setting a new standard in the national healthcare market.

Flag (American symbol) + H sign (hospital) = American Hospital Kyiv symbol

A tech startup helping travellers to find a fitting travel experience.

Trolley (travel) + eyes (peeking / curiosity) = Hintsider symbol
Aneta Guzina, Architect
New York-based freelance architect.

AG (initials) + pair of compasses (architecture) = Aneta Guzina symbol
CSCN (Consumer Society and Citizen Networks)
Organization with the goal to promote and protect consumer rights.

Umbrella (protection) + Barcode (consumption) = CSCN symbol
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